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If you have ever flown on a plane and read the safety card then you will see the funny side from these parody airline safety procedures. It reminds me of the Fight Club and where they replace the safety cards on the plane of people burning in a crash. If you float over some of […]

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It is worth checking out the Failblog, it is full of funny images and videos. My favorite at the moment is this gem from an interview where the guy barked. The funniest bit is when it is slowed down. I have gone around saying things like ‘you barked at me like the guy in the […]

Classic Video Games
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Classic Video Games

I came across this great blog which has some classic games on it which you can play online. ┬áIt includes one of my all time favorites International Karate+ for the Amiga, although when I was growing up I had it for the Commodore 64. I had completely forgotten how addictive that game was, but also […]

LEGOd Video Games
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LEGOd Video Games

This is what I would do it if I had the time, relive scenes from classic video games in Lego. I think my favorites have got to be Excitebike and Duckhunt from the NES. Now he just has to do games from other computers such as the Commodore 64 and Atari.

Cuddly Bear
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Cuddly Bear

This amazing blogging bear has travelled around the world writing about his adventures for years. It is a joy to read about the places he goes, some which are local, but some are places the average person won’t even get to see. He has been everywhere from Japan to America with quite a few stops […]