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Games Anywhere The great mix of games makes it worth trying to compete to see if you can trumph over thousands of other players. If not just have some fun playing their original games.
The Amazing World of Cuddly Bear The travelling bear who has been to more places then the average person. Read his blog about where he has been and his adventures, his jedi powers and the giant spiders which live in his home.
Fantastic Contraption A curious game that will infuriate and challenge you, when you complete it then you can go back and create levels to challenge and infuriate your friends and thus the endless cycle will continue.
Airtoons If you have ever seen Fight Club then you can see what can be done to the safety cards on planes, but this site takes that to another level. Remember, if you’re in an plane crash that style points will be given according to style and artistic impression when leaving the plane.
This is why you’re fat This could explain a lot about society today, with no salad in sight, at the end you’ll be craving a salad with lemon juice dressing and a nice glass of water.
People Who Sit In The Disability Seats When I’m Standing On My Crutches I cannot fathom why someone would sit in a seat on a train when someone is standing in front of them with crutches or is pregnant, but it happens and this blog gets revenge by posting their pictures.
Chat with god online Ok so this is just for fun,you just sit and talk to God.  He asks questions and you answer and that’s it but when your looking to maybe kill some time, it’s pretty funny.
Celebrity Jigsaw This site is full of celebrities that are cut up in to pieces that you drag in to place to create an image.
Punch Celebs Ok this is funny.  Pick the celeb you wish to beat up and then PUNCH them!  It’s quite funny.
Audio Books If you don’t feel like reading this is a good site to visit.  It just has classic books though but still a neat website.
Guess the Movie Think you know your movie trivia?  Try and gues the movie title just by viewing one picture.
Hip Hop Reminders If your chilld wont brush his/her teeth or your husband isn’t taking out the trash send them a hip hop reminder!
Addicting Games This website offers different online games from action, puzzles, classic arcade and much more.
Brain Bashers Online puzzles can be fun, brain teasers, logic games.  This site also has sudoku.
Logic Puzzles Are you in to testing your brain power?!  If Logic games are your thing you can try some of these.  There are oer 1,000 logic games to play.
Virtual Pets If virtual pets are your thing you can actually grow pets in a test tube, grow aliens, adopt a camel, pretty much anything!  Even dragons.
Animoto If your into making your own videos this site helps customize it, add music as well.
Dailylit If your always emailing this site will allow you to read a book via email.  You can browse by title, author and category.
Listen to a movie Basically if you have no other means to watch a movie you can listen to one via the internet.  Some people may find it cool!
Jayisgames Another site with some neat online games.  Choose from casual games, hidden object games, Room escape games and more.
Star Doll This girl needs help, your job is to glam her up, decorate her place, creat friends and just have a good time.  So when your bored, visit!
Optillusions These optical illusions can be easy and they can also be a little tough.  Have fun.
Random Facts Ok, I didn’t know that the male ostrich could roar like a lion?!  And that Honeybees have hair on their eyes.  Strange.  Lots of useless facts but fun none the less!
Bizarre Stuff For the science lovers and just people who like to do bizarre things you can do these things in your kitchen.
Fun Trivia If you like trivia games and quizzes this site is full of them.
Unnecessay Knowledge Did you know that it is ellegal to sell a ET doll in France?  Or that you are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than a poisonous spider.  Useless and unnecessary knowledge is always good.
Ugly of the Day Some people are amused by strange looking people..this site offers exactky that.
Dumb Photos These are pretty funny and it shows that we are surrounded by dumb people.
Funny Newspaper Clippings Some of these are pretty funny.  It amazes e what people will put in the paper!
Fuali Looking to waste time?  You can take a quiz here to find out if your white trash or not.  You can also take one to find out if you’re a video game addict
Crazy Thoughts Just some things to ponder! We all do it from time to time.
Send Insults If you ever feel like insulting someone you can use this site.  You pick the insult, pick a picture and then send it via email to who every you choose.
Hot to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you Funny site.  If you have a cat and it’s acting strange, you know why,
Browsei A funny collection of pictures, people that make dumb people look good!
20Q This site can tell you what your thinking just by asking you a couple of questions… hmmm
Dumb Videos There are 10,000 videos on this website and all of them are dumb.  People have way to much time on their hands!
Funny Exam Answers Poor kids never had a chance, some of these exams are hilarious!!!!
Totally Absurd Inventions People have some good ideas but the stuff that they come up with is crazy!  Some of these inventions are just ABSURD!
Fat Chicks in Party Hats Some of the pictures are hilarious and the titles make them even funnier!
Daily Haha Some pretty funny pictures along with videos.
The Poop Machine Oh my.  Why someone would make this is beyond me but it’s pretty funny.  You feed the man and then it travels to the toilet.  Gross on a few levels!
Resume Hell These little ‘add-ons’ the resumes are funny.  What are people thinking?!
Defend Your Castle Pick up the men trying to get in to your castle and throw them, once they hot the ground they basically explode.  Defend your castle!!
Historic Construction Kit Well this takes senconds and not sure what the point of it is but you can make your own historic tapestry.  Pointless but can be fun, for a second
Food Art These pictures are pretty cool.  People can do some interesting things with food!
Face Replaced Each picture is of someone replacing their face, that’s it.  Some are pretty silly!
Bembo’s zoo Each letter in the alphabet turn in to the animal the letter starts with, kinda neat.
Fly Swatter Kill the fly, swat it and that’s it.
The Sheep Market There are thousands of sheep to choose from, pick one and then it’s drawn out for you, Some of these sheep must have been drawn by 2 year olds cause they are pretty funny!  You can even email your sheep to someone you love.
We Love Holiday Sweaters You can create a horribly ugly holiday sweater, maybe you could actually replicate this in to a real sweater and wear it to a ‘Ugly Sweater Party’!
KuKu Klok An online alarm clock that can wake you by using a Rooster, clock or a slayer guitar!
Mini Pac Man This is by far the smallest Pac Man game I have ever seen.  Good luck!
Dino Run Help this little dinosaur run from all the falling meteors!!!!
Roller Coaster Designer Try and design a roller coaster, make sure you build it right, your little rider will react to all the ups and downs you create!
Man Babies Disturbing on a few levels and a little creepy.
Insanity Test Are you insane?  Take the test and see the results.
Random things to do If your lookijg for some random things to do either at home like interview a tree or smash your face in to the grass.  People have to much time on their hands.
Attack of the killer Broccolli Just what the game says, attack of the killer broccoli.  Use your arrows to point and move and use the space bar to shoot.  You’ll have some things to shoot at like a fly, vitamins and so on.
Sketch Swap Draw a sketch, submit it and you’ll get one in return!
Yoda on the drums Use different keys on your keyboard to make Yoda rock out on the drums.
Past Life Analysis Apparently you can find out what you were in your past life!  Silly but why not just try ir for the giggles.
Hats of Meat Yes you read that right.  It’s a site devoted to pictures of hats made out of meat.  Gross.
Sproutifarts This is an intersting game, you must use skill to feed the sprouts to the person sittin gin the chair, the more you feed them the more they fart.
Mr. Picassohead Create a picasso painting!  Kinda neat since you can actually make it look somewhat cool.
Funny Sign Funny signs people have taken photos of.
Press the spacebar Pres the spacebar and see your score, the faster you press it the higher your score!
Feed the Head This is weird.  You can open his mouth, tear off his nose, make his hair grow but haven’t figured out how to feed it?!
Warning Label Generator make any kind of warning label you want!  Some of them are ridiculous!
Future Me Send an email to yourself in the future.
The Death Clock Punch in your birthday and some other information and you’ll find out when your gonna die.  Nice.
Imagine the world without paper What would it be like if there was no paper?  Just follow the cartoons and click on the highlighted yellow objects.
Virtual Keyboard This site has a virtual kepyboard that you can play and make your own music.
Spot the difference You can choose from photo pictures, drawing and random photos and try and spot the difference.
Shooting Gallery Try your hand at this shooting gallery.
Random Internet Slang If your one of those people who doesn’t use internet abbreviations this site should help!
Make people sing Click on the little people and make them sing, create music.
Pie eating contest The object of this game is to eat the pie in 15 bites.  Hard!
Strange Facts Did you know that dolphins sleep with one eye open?   Or that it’s against the law to mispronounce the name of the state of Arkansas in the that state.  Amaze your friends with your pointless knowledge.
Wax Hoff This is great!  Grab your strips of wax and wax the Hoff’s hairy chest!!!
Rat Wheel Make your rat run the wheel and do tricks, rack up points as you go!
A day in the life This simulator is strange but you can just go though the day and choose different things to do.
Tumbling Lady This is a little disturbing but you can’t stop!
When Hamsters Attack Us your mouse to clobber the hamster before he gets you!
Dress your gay dog Do you have a gay dog?  Dress it!
Talking Pets Choose a pet, a background and a voice and then type in anything you want and your pet will talk!
Prank Dial Use this website to make a prank call to anyone you want!
Make a Flake Make your own snowflake by cutting out a design.
2,000 uses for peanut Butter Surprisinlgy there are many things you could do with peanut butter.    Some of them are funny!
Drawminos Knock over the dominos or create your own dominos to knock over!
Special Defects Ok, this site is strange.  When you go in to it you can either choose from feet walking in the sand and when you see a small blinking white light you can click on it and view a heart beating.  Creepy.
You fell asleep watching a dvd On this website you can choose a movie on the right and it shows up the television, but just the menu of the dvd so I think this is all the website does. Lame.
Face Research Pick two faces and hit view average, it molds their faces together.  Some can be creepy and strange looking.
Creepy Girl Just a face that follows your cursor.  She’s creepy looking.  I don’t think she does anything else!
Shave my Yeti Please, shave your yeti.
Learn to talk like Yoda Type something in the box and it converts it to Yoda-Speak.
Map of the strange Click on any of the tags and be taken someplace strange with a strange fact.
Flip your tet Type in anything you want and this site will flip your text upside down.  Copy and paste it and send it in an email, see what your recipient thinks!
Worst Album Covers Ha!  Hilarious.  I have nothing else to say.
Automatic Complaint Letter Generator Want to make a compaint about someone and just need a little help?  Here you go!
The Dialectizer Type in any word and chose a dialect (redneck or pig latin) among others and get the dialect!
Kaleidoscope Painter Click and drag the dot and create a colorful kaleioscope effect, that it, not much.
Paint by numbers This was always fun as a kid but this is the internets version.
Chuck Norris Facts I bet you  didn’t know that Chuck can sneeze with his eyes open.  Amazing.
Toilegami So when you know your gonna be a while why not make something beautifully creative, like a flapping bird.
Lip Balm Anonymous I guess if you have a problem with lip gloss and lip balm you have a resource to use.  Really?!
Rate my mullet CLASSIC and awesome!  There is nothing sweeter than a mullet.  On this website you can rate mullets from Junior to Senior and even sumbit a mullet.
How to drive like a moron You may already be a moron behind the wheel but just incase you aren’t and need some tips you can find them all here from highway driving to using your headlights.
Pathetic Personals This is sad and pathetic on so many levels but people actually post this stuff.  Browse though personal adds and read some of the things these people actually say about themselves!  My personal favorite ‘I may look scary but give me a chance’.  How can you pass that up?!
Finger Joust Just in case you’ve mastered Rock Paper Scissors you can always get in to finger jousting!!!!  This website is full of finger jousting information from current contests, finger jousting news, finger jousting apparel and more!
Which Sesame Street Character are you? Take a short quiz and find out the results to see which Sesame Stret character you are.   The questions are silly but the answers are even funnier!
Monobrow Hilarious!  This website is dedicated to people who have one long eyebrow.  Some are pretty sweet and some are just bad.  You can check out the monobrow of the day, watch monobrow movies and play monobrow games!!
Flea Circus Check out the flea circus!  This site is devoted to the circus of fleas.  There are pictures, movies, FAQ’s and more.
The Rejection Line If you ever out and meet someone who you think you like but then he or she turns out to be a goob you can give them a number from this website and they’ll get a rejection recording.  What’s great about this site is that it gives you numbers that are in your area or at least close so it doesn’t seem fake.  Have fun rejecting!
Airline Meals Travel much?  You can browse through different airline meals by choosing any airline carrier.  Interesting to see what you can get!
Chicken or Tuna Test your knowledge, is it chicken or tuna?  Chicken of the sea?  It’s actually hard to tell the difference on some of these!
Shatnerology It’s everything Shatner!  Whatever you wanted to know you can find out here.  I’m amazed to see that there is so much information on William Shatner!
Lost Frog I’m not really sure what this site is all about but you just baiscally click each picture and then it takes you to a new one that has something to do with a lost frog.  I can’t stop clicking!
Insect Candy Insect candy, delish!  Pretty much any kind of insect candy you can think of is here.  Chocolate insects, Scorpion candy, ant candy and lots more.
Stick Remover This game is tough.  The game is pretty self explanitory since the website is in another language but just remove as many sticks as you can without knocking the whole thing over!
Everyday is a Holiday Now you have something to look forward to everyday!  Click on any date and you can find out what the holiday is!  For instance February 28th is ‘Public Sleeping Day’. Mark your calendar!
Face your pockets project If you have a scanner this is intersting and pretty funny.  Empty your pockets and place everything on your scanner including your fae and scan!  Post the picture here.  The results are really funny and some people have the strangest things in their pockets!
Fat Cats Holy fat cat!  Some of these cars are ridiculously HUGE!  Browse through pictures  of people and their large felines!
Name Game Gallery These morphed pictures are updated weekly and then they get named, these pictures are photoshoped pretty well and look almost real!  Marilyn Manson Monroe is a little freaky though.  You can register to put in your suggested name as well.
Whack a mole Just like the fun arcade game this one can be played on your PC.  It gets harder as the levels go up.
Playtime Ads These site has every old toy you might have played with as a young child.  It takes you back.  Some of them are very old but some of them you may remember!
Flash Face I could spend hours on this site making faces.  It’s fun and you coud really make any kind of face you want.  Make your face and save it or print it.  It’s fun!
I rate my day You can create an account and basically just rate your day and share it with everyone!  That’s it!
Concert Ticket Generator You can make your own virtual concert ticket here.  Why?  Who cares but it’s fun!  You can save it and also upload it to Image Shack and you can even buy the copy as a magnet, keychain, sticker and more!
Freeze Frame These pictures are great!  The photographer managed to get the perfect shot and the perfect time.  Good for a laugh!
Psychedelic Furniture Wow.  Some of the furiture and hardware on this website is more than psychedelic, it’s ugly.    Only strange people who like a lot of attention would consider thses pieces.
Coaster Avoidance Holy cow.  This site lists some roller coasters you should NEVER ride!  Like the backyard roller coaster or Japan’s pedal powered roller coaster.  What are these people thinking?
Crying while eating People crying and eating at the same time.  You can vote for the best clip or even submit your own!  I personally like Byl’s video, he’s crying because parenthood feels like being pecked do death by small chickens.  Good stuff.
Post your mood Open a new profile and just post a picture of your mood on any given day.  Your profile will have a calendar and you can take a picture everyday showing just how you fel, anyone can look at your profile and see what kid of day your having.
43 Things List 43 things that you want to do before you die, make a goal.  You can sign up and keep track and be cheered on by other people!
Passive Aggressive Notes These letters are hilarious!  When you just can’t come out and say what you want to someone just leave a note.  They are to the point but sarcastic as well!
Virtual Rubik’s Cube If you loved playing the Rubik’s cube and want to continue to play you can play the online version!!!!  Good uck and have fun cause I could never figure it out!
Dogster A site dedicated to dogs and and their online friends.  It’s like Friendster or any other online friend connecting website!  You can create a profile for them and go from there!
Appetizing Landscapes This is very neat!  Someone has made tiny figures and placed them on different types of food and zoomed in to take the picture.  But it doesn’t always look like their on food, the pictures are done really well.
The Dark side of the Scooby Doo Gang This site shows you the darker side of the scooby doo gang.  It includes a synposis and a profile for each character showing their dark side.
Marshmallow Bunny Survival Tests Poor Marshmallow bunny’s!  There are different survival tests on this site like the Flame Tolerance Test and the Radiation Tolerance Test.  Pictures are included to show the progress of the tests.
How to keep an idiot busy If you know an idiot and he needs something to do you can send him here.  It may keep him busy for a bit.  Aside from that there isn’t much on the site!
101 Uses for AOL Disks One use for an AOLD disk is using it as a snack tray for hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party or a bullet prrof vest (you need to really use a lot for that).  There are lots of great ideas here!  My question is ‘Who still has AOL disks?’
The Oracle of Bacon You may be thinking bacon, breakfast bacon but NO!  Kevin Bacon!  Just type in another actors name and the website will produce how they may have worked with eachother or if Kevin has worked with someone the other actor knows.  Weird but it works!
Pick the worst A list of worsts for you to choose from and vote.  Some of the worsts you can choose from are ‘vomiting violently or Being in a small space with someone else who is vomiting violently’ Geez, they are both pretty bad if you ask me!
Freaky Dreams If you want to know what the meaning behind your dreams you can just type in what you dreamed about  and it will explain in detail what your dream means!
Cyber Cones This is fun!  You enter a ice cream parlor and you can make your own cone sundae.  You can add toppings and when your done you can see your creation and even email it to someone!
Easy Air Guitar If your going to a concert anytime soon and want to brush up on your air guitar skills you’ve come to the right place!  You’ll learn the moves, the right place to have your fingers so that you look like you really know what your doing!!!  You can also learn air guitar for easy listening, jazz and really heavy metal!
Dust Bunny Facts Everything you need to know about dust bunnies it here!  Did you know that disco music is the dust bunnies favorite music?  Yeah, I bet you didn’t.
Duct Tape Gallery Many, many pictures of people being taped to a wall, ceiling, and a few other places with duct tape!
The Prank Institute All pranks!!  Click on any of the pranks and learn from the best.  You can log in a create an account or just browse through some of the open pranks.
The Head Shop This site is a little creepy.  It has a bunch of heads.  Just heads!  Some are strange heads, they also have political heads and others to choose from.  Creepy.
The Center for Shopping Cart Abuse Did you know that there was shopping cart abuse going on every day?  Possibly right around the corner from where you live.  This website is dedicated to the prevention of shopping cart abuse!
Museum of burnt food I’m sure everyone could send in a picture to this site.  The museum of burnt food has just about everything!  Some of the food is unrecognizable!
Eric conveys an emotion This site is a guy named Eric conveying his emotions.  He has a picture for almost every kind of emotion thinkable.  Why does he have this site?  You can send him an emotion that you want him to convey and he will try and do just that for you!
Dog Judo If your looking for some butt kickin dogs you’ve found it!  Watch dog judo videos and enjoy!
Sound Effects for your cat If you have cats and you want to maybe tease them a bit you could try the ‘open can’ sound effect and see if they come running.  There are a few other sounds you could try as well.  This site also has tips on how to bathe your cat and a cat’s daily diary so you know what they may be thinking!
Crash Bonsai Pictures of mini cars shown in an accident with a Bonsai tree!  Pretty cool and they also sell the mini cars that have been ‘crashed’.
Keeping Ken Everything and anything that has to do with Ken, the doll.  Takes you through all the looks and years of Ken.
Fat Geeks This site is for fat geeks to post their pictures and for the women who love them to post their pictures as well.  It also has a survey  you can take too!
Stupid People A collection of pictures, headlines, criminals, etc. that are all stupid.  Mostly the stupid things people do!
Furby Autopsy Remember Furby’s?  Someone has actualy created a website that walks you through an autopsy.    Starting from How-to, guts, hacking and more!
When Gingers Snaps When Ginger bread men attack!  This chronicles all the attacks and how unsuspecting victims were attacked!
Foam Bath Fish Time Need to know the time?  These foam bath fish can tell you.  That’s all this site does, nothing else.  Your only going to get the times for CA, NY,WY, KS and CT.
Should I stalk William Shatner? Take this test and find out if you are meant to stalk William Shatner!
Net Disaster Is there a website you can’t stand, something that just annoys you?  You can type in the site and pick the disaster you want to use and hit GO!  It’s pretty cool, you have many disasters to choose from!  Have fun!
Reflex Game Test your reflexes, click on the green boxes as fast as you can and get your score!
Cow Abduction Become an eyewitness to the abduction of cows.  Who knows where they are going but they are disapearing by the dozens!  View pictures submitted by other eyewitnesses of abducted cows!
The Hobbit Name Generator What’s your hobbit name?  This site will generate a hobbit name for you that you can use for I don’t know, cheking in to a hotel room, when you go out with your friends and don’t want to give a guy your real name?  This site is great!
The Phobia List If your afraid of something but don’t know what it’s called you can look it up here.  Somw fears that people have can be a bit strange.
Street Mattress This site has pages of pictures of just mattresses. These mattresses have been abandoned, left on the street, in dumpsters, etc.  Why is this site worth looking at?  I have no idea.
The Complete Idiots Guide This is a very helpful site for an idiot if they are looking to make a sandwich, ordering pizza, making a TV dinner.  Some idiots may not know how to do these kidn of things!  Thank goodness for this site!
The Twinkies Project This site is similar to the Marshmallow Bunny website as where Twinkies are put through different types of tests such as a radiation test, resistivity test.  Interesting.
The Web’s First Japanese Pizza Page If you were ever curious about what the Japanese put on their pizza wonder no more.  Browse through the different pizza toppings, maybe order the Seafood Special!
Muffin Films There are 12 interesting Muffin Films on this website.  Click on the muffin and watch the movie.  Enjoy.
The Bad Fads Museum This site offers a collection of the bad fads that have made it through the years.  Bad hair, bad fashion, bad hobbies are just to name a few.
Box Wars A new movement of box wars has begun.  This site chronicles all the different box wars happening all over the place!  Watch box war videos, meet the creators and even join their mailing list.
Home Star Runner This site contains games, cartoons and more.  Apparently it’s a show of somekind that I have never heard of!
Lost in Translation Need translation?  Type it in to the box and get translated in to many different languages!
Dog Food for the Soul When you need help dealing with someone who is just irritating you can go here.  It shows you step by step on how to deal with many iddues including istening, procrastination and a few more!
Die screaming with sharp things in your head These poor Gnomes never saw it coming.  See various pictures of gnomes with sharp objects stuck in their heads!  The horror!
Buy a pet penny That’s exactly what the site is, buy a pet penny.  CRAZY!  But I’m sure people do it!
Hammertime Not the Hammertime your thinking of, MC Hammer.  This is a politician’s website and your basically just beating him with a hammer.  Kinda lame but entertaining for a minute.
Star Trek Convention If you’re a Star Trek geek this should get your heart racing.  It has photos of differnent conventions of Federations 4 through 10. I have no idea what that means.
Michael Jackson Impersonator Site Tess is a Michael Jackson impersonator and she’s a woman!  She has a gallery of photos along with a biography and info.  She freakishly looks a little like him.
Lunatic’s Fridge Just a blank page with some postings and strange things on it to make it look like a fridge.  Click on the pictures info pops up.  Strange.
World according to porcupine Everything porcupine.  Literally.
Seven Peas Strange.  Just a page with 7 peas in a pod moving to music and when you click on a pea it makes a strange noise.
Skinema Some people like to see that even celebrities have skin problems but this is a bit much!  Brose through photots of celebrities and their skin issues, scars and more.
Cats in sinks Various pictures of cats in sinks.  Silly.  You can send in your own picture of your cat in your sink!
Weiner Dog Races You can race weiner dogs, watch weiner dogs dance, star in a movie.  It’s endless fun, well not endless, no more that 10 minutes is needed on this site.
Final Retrobution Just an angry letter incase you need to go off on someone and can’t fins the words!
Micro Angela GROSS!  I feel like I need to go re-clean my house and wash all my sheets and clothes.
Noise Monkey Just random quotes from people off the interent, such as Twitters, Feeds.  Some of them are pretty funny!
Bob Saget is God Just ramblings on Bob Saget and the people who love him.  No links to his pictures, nothing.  People love their Bob Saget!
Urinal.Net If you have a fascination with urinals you can pretty much see a ton here!  Urinals from Honk Kong to IL.  Some nice and some not so nice!
Brains 4 Zombies A silly site where you can buy brains.  All different kinds of brains from models, actors, etc.  It mirrors Amazon.com
Insect Rights Activists Insects have right too!  Read the horrible things that are happening to insects like ants, fleas. See the ones who are to blame!  Kids who torture ants with magnifying glasses, tequila manufacturers and even MARTHA STEWART!
Pavement Gear See all the strange things found on the streets of America.  From a prosthetic leg on the side of the road to clothes and old photos.  Just strange stuff.
How Celebrities will look in 2034 Well I have to say that these photoshoped pictures are terrifying!  Jessica Simpson and Nicole Kidman will forever give me nightmares.
Classic TV Ads The good ol’ days when everything on TV was wholesome, even the tv ads.  There is a collection of old ads and some are pretty funny, a little to wholesome!
Shake it up WOW!  Every kind of salt and pepper shaker under the sun is here!  Choose a category and browse.  If I were a collector I might be a little more interested in going through all, but I’m not.
Sock Puppet Emotions Gallery If you have a sock puppet and not sure how to convey it’s feelings this page may come in handy.
World License Plates Ever wonder what a license plate may look like in The British Virgin Islands?  Check them out here.  License plates from around the world.
Medieval Swords Well if you’re a larper or just someone who enjoys having swords fights you can purchase all your armor needs here.
Tangled Connections These wire jobs look like a nightmare!  View the different photos of different wire jobs gone bad!
Hollywood Zombies These remind me of Garbage Pail Kids, they are trading cards for Hollywood Celebrities (after they die).  Pretty morbid!
Turtle TV A website all about turtles, turtle movies, turtle games, talk to a turtle granny.
Let’s be friends Browse throught these cute pictures on animals and their friends.  Some seem like unlikely friends but still cute!
Cheddar Vision If you’re a fan of cheddar you’ve found the perfect site.  Watch Cheese.  That’s it, cheese.
MAD Magazine Explorer A collection of MAD Magazine covers, click on one and get additional info on it!
Kite’s Eye View See these photos of a Kite’s Eye view, some of these pictures are great!
Utility Quilt Quilts for any occasion!  Golf, Weddings, Photography, whatever you want!  Order now!!
Dress Conan O’Brien Select Conan’s wardrobe and change it up to make it as funny or silly as you want!
Internet’s First Page Take a look at the Internet’s first page ever!  And the last.
Engrish These products and other things translated in to their version of English.  Hilarious!
Corn Cam Watch Corn grow, in Iowa.  I checked it out and it looks a little slow at the moment but just wait!!!!
The Last Supper Reflection View the Last Supper in a few different ways.  You can look at it in more detail.  I never really looked at it in detail before.
Bowling Pin Art These bowing pins are pretty cool!  Different painted pins to look through, some are more detailed than others but still very cool.
17 Wacky Travel Attractions Check out these places you can visit if your driving across the U.S.  Visit the Mutter Museum in PA or the National Museum of Denistry in MA.
Games for the Brain This is tough!  Rotate the boxes in this picture to create an image.  The faster you do it the higher your score.
SnuzNLuz If your having issues getting up in the morning this clock may just get you out of bed on time.  For every minute you sleep past your wake up time the clock which is connected via WiFi to your bank account will donate to the charity you hate the most!  YIKES, get outa bed!
Recycled Apples Not what you think but these pictures of of Recycled MAC Apple computers.  See what people are using them for.  Potty training seat, a show box, etc.
Top Secret Recipes Ever been somewhere to eat and thought ‘I wish I had the recipe for this’, well you might be able to find it here!  Look through fast food, restaurants, and more!
Free Birthday Database If you can’t remember someone’s birthday and don’t want to ask them you can try and see if the birthday database knows it.  Just punch in the person’s first and last name and see if it comes up.
Fruit Emporium On this website you can browse through different kinds of fruit and rate them.  They can be rated on taste, easy to peel, strangest taste and so on.
Left Handers Day A site dedicated to people that write and use their left hand!  Apparently it’s cool to use your left hand.
PacManhattan These group of people played PacMan through the streets of Manhattan, look at the pictures and read the articles on what the press thought about their project.
T-Shirt Folding If you’ve ever wanted to find out how to fold those shirts just peefectly, watch this video.  You’ll be a pro in no time!
World Record Tour Thought you traveled the world?  Well this couple has been traveling the world for 24 years and they have chronicled all of it.  See the places they’ve been and read about it.
Acropolis 360 If you never plan to visit Athens in your lifetime but want to see it as if you have been there you can visit this site.  It will give you 360-degree views of the Parthanon and other buildings on the Acrpolis.
Wild Birds If your into birds this website offers a live webcam that is placed on 2 different bird feeders.  I guess you can just sit and wait..
Ice Ears If you want to know what ice sounds like you can find out now.
Stir It Up A collection of cool photographs.  Taken at the right moment these pictures came out great.
Speak LOL Cat If you have funny pictures of your cat you can add any caption and have it translated in to lolcat.
Pet Spun Wool You love your dog, you loe your dog so much you want to maybe have a sweater made from his fur?  Just brush your dog, send in the hair and they’ll send you back yarn made from their fur.
Carhenge You thought Stonehenge was cool? You are mistaken!  Check out these pictures and see this new phenom!
Inflatable Church Hilarious!  You can actually rent an inflatable church on this website.  So if you want to have a quickie marriage on a Tuesday and there isn’t a church available you can just inflate one.
Milo’s Tongue This dog is famous for his LONG tongue.  Here you can find pictures, videos and read about Milo and his adventures.
World of Napkins Napkins, Napkins, NAPKINS!  That’s it.  Look through the thousands of napkins this site offers.  Loads of fun.
Extreme World If your to scared to ride these rides in real life you can watch them here.
Rate my doodle If your bored and you want to look at just doodles you can go to this page.  View them, rate them.  Log in and make your own doodle and see what other people think.
Crazy Rabbit This rabbit just wants your mouse!  Once he’s grabbed it you can fling him all over the place!
Faces in Places There are faces everywhere, he you can go through some pictures of faces in everyday items.
The Crazy Labels Gallery These labels may be fake or they may be real but they are pretty funny funny!!
Cool Inventions These are some pretty interesting inventions!
Dog, get down from there Just some random pictures that have been photoshoped of animals doing un-animal things!
Carboard love Just a collection of love letters written on cardboard.  The owner of the website states to be a negative person and this helps him be a little more positive.
Funny2 A website full of funny jokes, games, and facts.  There is much more to see on this site as well.
New Math This isn’t your regualr math site, this is a new math site.  Instead of 2+2=4 you’ll see math like Easter Bunny + Santa Claus= Breaking and Entering..
Classic Alien Some of the most famous paintings are changed to have aliens in their place.  You can also order a copy of these pictures as well.
Carved Crayons This is really neat.  Pete Goldlust has taken Crayola Crayons and carved them in to different shapes.
Take it apart You can watch videos on this site on how to take apart different things, like an Etch a sketch, typewriter and more.
Falling Sand Game As the sand falls you can use your mouse and make lines and watch the sand fall down the lines you created.  It’s fun!
Unusual Gifts If your looking for that special gift that you just can’t find at your local mall or shopping center you can look here.  It’s full of crazy gifts! Where else are you goiung to find a putting green you can use while on the toilet?
Ice Hotel Make your reservation now before the ice melts!  Burrr
Santa Letter You can use this website to create a letter that is written to your little one from Santa!  Just fill it out and print it and give it to your loved one.
Signbot make your own scrolling LED scrolling sign for someone!
Chilly Words Create your own message and watch the penguin slip and slide while he writes it for you in the snow. You can copy the link and send it to someone.
Avian Fashion Oh my. Here you can look at and purchase clothes for your birds.  They will even put a monogram on a sweater for your bird.  Crazy.
Festivus Everything you need to know about Festivus!
NYC Garbage The headline is ‘I sell garbage’ and it looks so nice!  You can buy cubes full of NYC garbage, prices range from $50 – $100.  Wow.
Penguin Cam If you can’t visit the Central Park Zoo and want to see what the penguins are up to you can see here.  It has a LIVE penguin cam so you can see what’s happening.
Retroland Everything Retro, take a look back and some horrible fads, that may be coming back.
Payphone Project Pictures, numbers, and articles on payphones all over.  It’s kind of strange but whatever!
The Infamous Exploding Whale Eww.  This site chronicles the rotting whale in Oregon in 1970.
The Deadly Follies of Stick Figure Warning Man Different signs that use the stick figure man you usually see on warning signs.  He doesn’t like his job apparently.
Byron’s Stuff I’m really not sure what this website is about.  Byron is blabbing about various things and you can link to someo of his postings but for the most part I’m lost.
The Time Travel Fund This site has been created for time travel and it needs to be funded!  You can become a member or just donate.  Silly.
Church of Elvis There is a 24-hour chuch of Elvis in Oregon, I had no clue!  You can get a marriage license there, yu can view the coin operated Elvis Gallery, it’s amazing.
Chess Boxing I’d rather play the non-violent version of Chess but to these guys that wouldn’t be any fun.  Check out this new fad.
The Internet Shredder Here you can type in a website and hit shred.  It just scrambles up the page, nothing amazing.
What the Bob This site is just full of videos, pictures and lame stuff.  These guys were really bored.
Miss Cleo Soundboard This site offers some of Miss Cleo’s sound bytes.  She was a Jamaican psychic and her voice was very distinct!
The keepers of the lists Check out all the lists on this site.  There’s a list for 42 things you could do with an outlet plug, 5 reason’s to date a stalker and lots more.
Rent a midget What is this world coming to?  This website offers midgets for special events.
How to eat rocks Incase you didn’t know how to eat rocks you can read the tutorial here!
Sheep 101 Everything you need to know about sheep!
Things my girlfriend and I have argued about This guys has issues with his girlfriend.  If you have time to read the whole page go for it.
Radiology Art Cool pictures with the glow of radiology, the categories include toys, food, electronics and more.
Nose Pilot I’ve been watching this site and I can honestly say I have no clue what it does.
My morning hair A lame page of a man who takes pictures of himself in the morning displaying his hair.
City Creator Create your own city and delete it after or save it and send it to a friend.  There are 3 cities to choose from.  Have fun.
Virtual bubble wrap Pop as muh bubble wrap as you can, the more you pop the higher the score.
This peanut looks like a duck A variety of pictures with food and other objects that resemble a duck.  There is spaghetti, a tree, a peanut and more.
Dr. Tran Talking Card Ok, this site is crazy and I’m not sure there is a point to it.  But it’s funny.  I’d probably use it to prank call someone!
Peel a potato Peel a virtual potato, it took me 16 seconds!
The most seconds See how many seconds you can waste on this site.  You can also link up to the Button page, translate seconds on the calculator and more.
Running from camera Silly.  This page just posts pictures of people running away from a camera.
Archie McPhee Bubble Gum Cocktail Weiners, YUM.  You can purchase things like that at this website.  How about a stylish mustache for girls?  This site has some great gifts!
Squirrel Underpants I’ve browsed this site and can’t find a picture of the actual underpants but it looks like you can pay $9.50 and buy squirrel underpants!
Book of numbers I have no clue whatsoever on what this site is about.  It’s creepy if anything but strange.  Good luck.
Wrestling Name Type in your name and get your results.  Use this name anytime you want!  Mine was ridiculous!
Enemy6 This game is weird.  I played for a minute and then left.
Hourglass Just an hourglass.  Nothing else.
The dullest blog in the world This really is the dullest blog. If your really bored just read through it and see how boring this person’s life is.  The blog is from 2006.
Number Gossip Type in any number and this site will give you info on that number.
Factory Balls 2 This ball takes thinking, physics.  I don’t want to try it.  Good luck.
Ice Breaker Yeah I’m not so good at this.  When the man starts running you need to be fast and break the ice walls so he can get through them.  If your not quick he’ll just be running in to a ice wall…
The age project Guess each person’s age.  Some of the people strike me as old and then come to find out they are only 17.  I’m not good at this!
Spirus Move your mouse along the page and make cool patterns, click on any of the four links and try different patterns.
Instant Oragami Learn here how to make the amazing oragami this guy makes.  It’s incredible.
Fubbs This is an interactive game, a little creepy and strange but you kinf of want to play all of them.
Everybody’s Pin Number Find your pin number here,
People in a bucket Yeah, good luck.  I gave up.  You need to put people in the bucket but not cross the red line.
Daxo This is weird.  I’m not sure what to think about it but it’s interesting and useless at the same time.
Sturgeon Face Just ramdom people and celebrities making sturgeon faces!  You can send them a sturgeon face of your own!
Global Rich List See where you rank on the global rich list!  Type in your annual income and it will tell you!
Exact Center of the Internet LAME but funny.  Nothing to play here at all so it will not take up any of your time!
Orball You have to use your mouse to turn all the lights on in this game before your time runs out.  I gave up.
Rap Star name What’s your rap star name?  On this site you can also find out what your pop name is, rock and country!
Bomomo Here you can create art with your mouse by choosing a design from the bottom buttons and scrolling them where ever you want on the screen.  It looks cool.
The Pantry There is no point to this from what I can see.  If you clock on different bottles and things in the pantry some play music and do other things.  That’s it.
Totem Destroyer This game is easy, just destroy the totem with your cannon ball.
Box Dodge Fury Basically just use your arrow keys to run and dodge falling boxes while jumping over empty spaces.
Bus of the week This guy  just updates his pafge with a new bus each week.  Pretty boring but some people like buses!
Watching Grass Grow This is so exciting.  Sit and watch grass grow while you listen to great music!!
Shakespearean Insult Generator Go ahead, insult someone but make sure you use this site to do it!
Nosquito Hmmm?just a black screen but when your volume is on and your scroll your mouse over the screen you’ll hear Mosquito’s!
Marble Planets Creepy music and marble platens floating through the solar system.  If you grab one with your cursor you can throw it around the screen.
Paper Planes Grab your paper plane and try and throw it as far as you can!!!
Glass Screen Just a blank screen and when you touch it with your mouse you break glass.  Have your speakers on.
Color Flip These pages are waiting to be turned.  That’s all your going to be doing on this site.
Little People I’ve played with this site but I’m really not sure what the point is.  Maybe there is no point to it.
Write a short story Fill in the blanks with your own words and create a short story!
Deep Chalk I wasn’t sure what to do with this website so I just scrolled my mouse around till I was able to click on things and it’s just weird.
Kaleidoscope Maker Click and drag the the shapes in to the circle outlined in blue.  Then to the right you can see what your creating.
Flaming cursor Run your mouse over the black page and see your cursor in flames.
Southpark Character Creator You can create your own southpark character here.  There’s a lot of things to choose from so have fun, I did.
Baby Queen Baby’s singing Queen songs, but in different words.  Weird.
Ian’s Shoelace Site If you don’t know how to tie your shoelaces fret no more.  There are so many different ways you can tie your shoe!
Mathpi A song about math.  Not a page everyone would flock to but there are some math geeks out there that might like it.
Conclave Obscurum Disturning and I have no idea what this is about.
Million Numbers You can own your own number, for FREE!
Watch it shred Pick from the many products and watch a short film on it being shredded.  They shred twinkies!
Counting Sheep If you just can’t sleep and have tried everything else you could always count sheep!  Well these sheep count for you.
Stackopolis Build a building according to the number grid in the lower left hand corner, you have a set time!
Spam Spam Spam I can’t do it but if you can catapult the cow to the knight your win!
Lamb Watch Here you can view lamb 24 hours a day.
Hen Cam If Hen’s are what you like watch them here 24/7.
Sketch it Draw shapes, lines, anything you can to bring the red ball to the yellow star.
Cursor 10 Use your mouse to click on the stairs going up and see how many levels you can get to.  Some of the levels have hidden stairs and you need to click on the images to see where the stairs are hiding.
Pictures of pennies Someone has bulit towers of pennies and thought it needed to be posted on the web.
Space Blocks From what I can see all you do here is stack blocks.
Silly walk generator Monty Python has a site where you can use the characters to create a silly walk.
R2D2 Translator Type in what you want to translate and hear R2D2 tell you what you said.
Senses Challenge Test your senses, take the quiz and see how you do.
The Peeling Paint Web Cam Watch paint peel on this live webcam.  Exciting.
In the fake paper news Create a fake paper hedline here.
Dancing Parabolas What is a Parabola?  I have no clue bu the music is catchy.
Rolf Harris Jukebox Rolf Harris likes to sing, choose a song from the left and listen to him sing.
My Pet Goldfish Feed your goldfish and watch him grow!
Tiny Grow Stuff just grows and you can scroll your mouse over objects to change the picture.  Weird.  There is no point to this at all.
Cubicle Freakout This guy has had it!  Run your mouse over various things in his cubicle and watch him FREAK OUT!  After he’s freaked and time has run out you have to make him run as fast as he can towards the window so he can chuck his computer out!  The farther he throws it the higher your points are!
Let them sing it for you Type in any words you want and listen to various artists sing it.
Digital People Clock People in odd positions showing the exact time!
The Surrealist Compliment Generator This just makes me laugh!
Stop Alien Abduction If you don’t want to be abducted by aliens follow the instructions here to make a Thought Screen Helmet.  I have nothing to say.
I love your pants A nice song about pants.
God God using the internet.  I think this may go on for a while!
Toilet Paper Unravel to your hearts content!
Idiot Test #2 This is lame.
404 Not Found Don’t you just hate this?!
Scribbler A neat drawing peogram.
Turn in to cabbage Here you can turn in to cabbage, brussels sprouts and other types of cabbage.
Paths Make a path from the red circle to the star by moving the bars ot of the way.  Once you have made a path, draw a line and then hit your spacebar.
David Hellman Favorite This is an interactive game.  Use the keys shown to make the characters change facial expressions, move the animal and so forth.
Sheep Films Short films, animation and other neat things.
How much of a BAD-ASS are you? Use this BAQ (Bad Ass Quotient) to see how much of a bad ass you are.  Also see how bad ass other things are!
Modern Living This site creeps me out.
Play A black screen with outlines of a guy and he does different things to make sound.  Turn on your speakers.
Screamin Beans This is funny.  Click on the can and the beans fly out, click on the bean and a finger comes down and crushes it then another bean comes out  and screams, repeat.
Google in Klingon Everything is in Klingon, weird.
The Fragile Circus I have no idea what this site does, it’s very strange.  You can click on some of the images and if you click on the heart the picture changes.
Ignition A driving game but not as fun as you may think.
Mobile Phone Tracker Track mobile phones with this site.  Not sure if it works, was a little hesitant to try!
Cyrkam Airtos This one takes good aim with your mouse.  Catch the paper the other guy is throwing then toss it in the garbage bin.
Am I in PI? Type in your birthday and find out where your birthday is in PI.
Cursor Effect Use your mouse and move around to see what the cursor does.  Looks like it just spells out Trig 1?weird.
Famous Monkeys An index of famous monkeys.  You may not care but hrere may be monkey loving people out there.
Is this you? Can you find yourself here?
Odd Objects Gallery Odd objects such as a kissing machine, a grass centered table?.Odd.
Khaan Totally pointless but it’s cool to listen to William Shatner yell Khaan.
Text to talk Type something in and hit play, it will speak back what you have typed in.
Sliding block puzzle Use the objective in the upper right corner to shift the tile in the box to match.
Brace Color Selection This should keep you busy for two minutes tops.
The Internet Rainbow This is a pointless site, when you visit you get your own personal color on the rainbow.
Buy it with the little farmer A math game of sorts.
Connect the dots I’m not sure about you but I loved these things as a kid!  Connect the dots by clicking on a number and then the next number, you can print when your done too!
Draw a pig Draw a pig and learn something about yourself.  It’s somewhat of a personality test.  Enjoy!
One Billion Mazes There are exactly one billion mazes here, you can print them out and try and get through them!
Send me a voicemail This person has listen his cell phone number and asked that you call and leave a voicemail.  He then posts them!
Toilet Map If you ever lost in Australia and need a restroom bookmark this page.
Color Quiz Take this color quiz and learn something about yourself.
Eat Pie The goal is to eat the pie in 15 bites and leave nothing behond.  It’s a little tough!
Angry Alien Bunny Films A collection of 30 second films played by bunnies.  Choose from films like Borat or Napoleon Dynamite.
Men who look like Kenny Rodgers Ha!  These men have been added to this site cause they look like Kenny Rodgers!  A good thing or a bad thing?
Become a Gnome Become a Gnome, so simple, so necessary.
Sheep Tranquilizer There are sheep that are trying escape, when you see one try and take off hit the tranquilizer button and keep him from escaping!
Money oragami Be the talk at the drive-thru when you hand the cashier a pair of eyeglasses made out of money.
Grid Lock Try and get the dark colored block out.  Some of the boxes can only be moved up or down and some only side to side.  Tough.  I got to the 3rd level.
Zoom in Click on the picture and zoom in, over and over, just keep zooming in to other rooms, anything you can click on.
Where’s George Track any cash denomination using this site.
Water Attractors Grag the circles and manipulate the water.
Emo the angry pet rock Dress up this angry rock by dragging the item to the left over on to the rock.
Tetris 1D This is silly.
Leprechaun Watch A 24-hour surveilance of the irish countryside.  Sit and wait to see if you can see a Leprechaun.
Hand drawn clock Watch this clock, as time changes someone draws the new time in.
Rock Paper Scissors Extreme Everything you need to know about Rock-Paper-Scissors!
Binball Wizard Use your mouse to catapult the ball in to the trash can!
Four Squares Just mindless clicking on the squares, when you click them they double and keep going and going and going.
Interactive Buddy Just a little interactive bubble man that reacts when your mouse rolls over him.
Ballad of a horse with a spot on his head Hmmm. Just turn on your volume.  If you need some background music you could use this.
Cyborg Name HA!  This is funny. Enter your name and choose your avatar and get your cyborg name.
Puppy Tummy Gross and cute as well.
Frog Guts I never disected a frog in school so I thought I’d check it out here.  I’m so glad I didn’t, so gross!  When you get to the site click demo and then you’ll be forwarded to a frog disection.
Man in the dark Scroll your mouse over this boneless man and he just floats around.
Rate Race Use your arrow keys to run the cat through the maze and collect cheese and other goodies.
What kind of animal are you? Type in your name and find out what animal you are?  I’m a horse.
Flow Strange.  It’s interactive but there is not point to it.
Gizoogle Just another search engine but it seems like this one uses ebonics.
Nanaca Crash You need to ride your bike as hard as you can into the guy standing in your way, he’ll then ram into people resulting in more points.
Upside Down Typing Convert what you type to show it upside down.
Compost Bin Funky!  The site has some other various things to look at as well.
The Infinate Car Project The site is full of pictures of cats looking at this site on a computer and other things.
Museum of Food Anomalies Browse throught these pictures of foods grown in strange shapes.
Drink-O-Meter Visit a pub, nightclub and drink until you barf. You can also have the option to be taken home!
Toogle Searches for the image and creates a cool picture of it using the letters you ‘toogled’.
Google Fight Type in any name you want and then two stick figures come out and fight, that’s about it!
Nobody here I’m not quite sure what this site is about, you can basically click on anything!
Yugop Well this site is weird as well.  There are a few different links you can choose from on the bottom left.
Spamusement Poorly drawn cartoons! Some are tasteless as well but funny!
The English to 12 year old AOL translator Ok this funny.  I hear kids talk like this every day and it’s so annoying!  So if your having trouble communicating with one use this and you should be good!
Quadrillion Dollar Homepage Like Alex’s Million Dollar Homepage; this is an attempt to make them the richest web page in the world!
Jackpotjoy I used to play this site many years ago, and it now has even better games.